• What is the VASPO STONE facing stone made of what is its durability and colour fastness?
All our products are made of all-coloured, frost-resistant concrete of strength class C25/30. Therefore, they are equally suitable for exterior and interior use. Tiles have an unlimited service life and colour fastness is guaranteed for a period of at least 30 years, regardless of use. The tiles can also be permanently washed or submerged under water (swimming pools, aquariums).
  • Can there be colour differences among the same tiles?
Only natural materials are used for production, and even though the raw materials come from only one source, they always have different properties, and this cannot be influenced. Small colour differences may occur on the tiles.  We recommend taking the individual tiles from a different box = mixing them.
  • What are the advantages compared to natural stone?
Concrete imitation stone has better technical properties, better price than comparable natural stone, better colour range and choice of warm colours, and last but not least, there is a significant time saving during installation (gluing). Natural stone can sometimes unpleasantly surprise you after the first rain.
  • What glue needs to be used for gluing?
For standard gluing, we recommend the use of C2TE class flexible cement adhesive (improved cement adhesive with additional properties, reduced slip and extended setting time) of any brand. Tiles can be glued to any solid and cohesive substrate that can support the weight of the tile (up to 50 kg/m2), but on special surfaces (OSB, old ceramic tiles, plastic, metal), we recommend individual procedures. Instructions can be found in the TECHNICAL INFORMATION section on our website, or on request.
  • Is it necessary to treat the tile after gluing?
The finish is different for the interior and the exterior. For the exterior (plinths, walls, chimneys), we recommend the Czech hydrophobizing agent LUKOFOB 39, or ANTIPLUVIOL (MAPEI), which is basically impregnation that slightly revives colours and removes abrasions created during transport. The product does not absorb water after application and protects against moss formation. Only one layer is applied, which then protects for about 5-7 years. You can also find instructions on each box. However, I draw attention to the need for dilution with water!! The product should be diluted with water in ratio 1:10 (1-part Lukofob and 10 parts water) before use. It can then be sprayed or brushed.
Lukofob is useless for the interior. There we recommend painting or spraying the cladding with Duvilax BD-20, diluted with water (1-part Duvilax and 10-15 parts water). The colour comes to life again and the pores close but the tiles remain matte. Alternatively, the smaller the proportion of water, the brighter the surface.
  • Can tiling be glued for insulation?
Yes, tiles can also be glued for insulation with either polystyrene or mineral wool. We recommend mineral wool with a vertical fibre - a lamella, for example Nobasil FKL. It is also necessary to use an armoured mesh (fibreglass mesh with increased strength) and twice the number of anchors and also attach the mesh (not only under it). It is also possible to use metal anchors. The procedure of gluing  the VASPO® tiles for thermal insulation is also certified, but for the validity of the certificate it is necessary to use specific components listed in the manual. More information and the whole manual can be found in the TECHNICAL INFORMATION section.
  • White coating on the tile or what are the blooms?
The so-called blooms are leaching of calcium as the lightest element in concrete. This phenomenon often occurs in places where concrete or concrete products absorb moisture for a long time. This moisture then leaches calcium to the surface, creating a white film. It is a natural feature of all concrete products. However, the VASPO® tiles contain a retarder to prevent this phenomenon as much as possible, and therefore blooms from the substrate (form work blocks, concrete foundation, etc.) often appear on our tiles. The blooms disappear over time, or they can be removed by brushing with a solution of vinegar + water (1 part vinegar + 5 parts water).
  • Where can I see and buy your tiles?
You can see and buy our products, of course, at our premises in Trenčianska Turná and in the network of our dealers throughout the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.  (see sales network) 
  • Where can I see the implementation of your tiling?
You can find a number of implementations on our website in the GALLERY section and I also recommend to “LIKE” our FUN page VASPO - obkladový kameň on Facebook, where you can also find implementations and inspirations from our customers and later you can add yours there as well.
  • What are the delivery times?
We try to keep our products in stock in sufficient quantities. However, at the peak of the construction season, it can happen that for some of the most requested types, a waiting list is created with a waiting time of several days.
  • Do you also ensure the delivery of goods and their implementation?
It is more cost-effective for the customer to buy the cladding from a local retailer. The implementation of tiling is performed for us by external companies. Gluing is relatively simple, it can be done by any construction company, a skilled craftsman and also a skilled “do-it-yourselfer”.
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