Thanks to its technology, VASPO® is a clear leader in its field, as evidenced by a lot of awards and a number of satisfied customers.
  • GOLDEN HELMET - exhibition Tarnowska Jesień Budowlana 
  • PRIZE FOR THE EXHIBIT - exhibition Podtatranské výstavské trhy - TATRA EXTPO 
  • GOLDEN PLAQUE for the exhibit - International Construction Fair CONECO ZAHVALNICA - ECO exhibition in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • PRIZE FOR THE EXHIBIT - International exhibition “BudEXPO”, Lviv - Ukraine 
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Our responsible business activity and contribution to the economy and employment has also been recognized by the Ministry of Economy and also by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family. The honorary certificate was personally delivered to the company's management by the Minister of Economy Juraj Miškov and the Deputy Prime Minister Jozef Mihál. 



VASPO STONE s.r.o. places great emphasis on RESPONSIBILITY.  In 2015 and 2017, the company was awarded as a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANY.  Based on this evaluation, the company was awarded the seal “Socially Responsible Company” in the attestation and information system, which was obtained by only 9.4% of the 248,389 evaluated entities. We are thus among the 3.2% of companies meeting the economic aspects of socially responsible businesses.
Responsible business means that companies, when making a profit, respect the needs of all partners with whom they come into contact in their business activity. These partners are (not only) employees, customers, competitors, suppliers, the local community and the environment, but also the state.





The National Information Centre of the Slovak Republic, a.s. confirmed the result of the evaluation focused on the reliability of the company VASPO STONE, s.r.o. in the industrial production sector.

The company thus obtained the mark “RELIABLE MANUFACTURING COMPANY”.

This puts the company among the 5.6% of companies that meet the criteria of economic health and good payment ethics.


The National Information Centre of the Slovak Republic, a.s. also confirmed the result of the evaluation of the financial stability of companies operating in the Slovak Republic in the SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) segment for 2015.

VASPO STONE, s. r. o. was evaluated as a financially stable company in the SME segment. Based on this evaluation, in the evaluation information system, it was awarded the Seal of Financial Stability in the SME segment. The share of companies meeting the evaluation criteria represents only 4.4% of the total number of 110,336 evaluated commercial entities.



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