ISO Policy

The quality policy is part of the strategy of the company VASPO STONE s.r.o.  . It represents a fundamental orientation and outlook to the future and is focused on:

  • continuous progress of the organization in satisfying the needs of customers and strengthening its position on the construction market,
  • creation, implementation, maintenance of a quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, continuous improvement of its efficiency,
  • product quality assurance in accordance with applicable national standards,
  • creating partnerships with suppliers and involving key suppliers in our quality intentions,
  • quality production of products corresponding to the specified requirements of clients in the required time and costs,
  • increasing the professionalism, expertise and skills of our employees,
  • building the employees' trust and loyalty to the organization and engage them in its prosperity,
  • increasing employee satisfaction and motivate them to increase the quality and productivity of work by building and improving new workspaces,
  • protecting the reputation of the organization.
ISO Certificate
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