The ecological footprint is a method of measuring the impact of human activities on Earth. The ecological footprint can be calculated for an individual, school, organization, city or state. It represents the total amount of resources to ensure everything we consume (energy, water, raw materials, materials...) and to dispose of the waste we generate. The larger the footprint, the greater the impact on nature.

  • The company VASPO STONE s.r.o. does not pollute or endanger the environment with its products, as it uses waste-free technology.
  • The company uses silos to store bulk material which are equipped with modern effective filters.
  • Water used in the technological process enters the product and there is no pollution. In the case of a water leak, the company has built a rain sewer system with grease traps in its paved areas.
  • The production premises have built-in air conditioning systems which regulate the humidity
  • of air and dust.
  •  During the production and handling of products, waste is generated (broken tiles). We hand over the waste for recycling to the company ERSON RECYCLING, s.r.o.
  • Recycling of packaging placed on the market of the Slovak Republic is provided through the system NATUR-PACK, a.s.
  • New laws, implementing regulations and EU regulations that protect the environment direct the company VASPO® to innovations or replacement of machinery. By replacing and modifying the existing machines, environmental pollution is minimized and in accordance with the applicable EU standards.
  • suppliers of technologies and machines offered by the Slovak market makes a thorough selection. It strives to select machines with low energy consumption which will ensure electricity savings.
  • We are not indifferent to the production of excessive waste and excessive logging in Slovakia. Therefore, we try to eliminate the sending of invoices by mail and replace it with electronic forms.

The company VASPO STONE s.r.o. tries to be in harmony with nature - regarding its products - and to minimize its ecological footprint in the production process itself. In recent years, we have launched our own photovoltaic power plant with an area of ​​approximately 1,500 m2, with an energy storage capacity of 1 MWh which covers a significant amount of total energy consumption. Our products are made with the help of green energy.

Reasonable management of energy, raw materials, materials and human resources and the consequent reduction of the burden on nature while maintaining the full quality of the production process and the products themselves has been the creed of our company from the very beginning. Thanks to modernizations and advances in the technological process, we are able to turn our creed into reality. We place maximum emphasis on the purity of the production process and the preservation of the natural heritage.
Environmental management means the management of the waste management process through its separation, storage, preparation for removal and removal. Of course, in addition to renewable energy sources, we also use a thorough separation of waste and its ecological disposal. We have implemented management to reduce the amount of waste and its efficient recycling. We approach the environment responsibly.
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