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Exterior tiles

Exterior tiles do not only have to fulfill a decorative function, but they are something that keeps your home safe from external influences. Exterior cladding is a crucial choice for how a building will last in the long run and how much maintenance will be needed to keep it in good condition. Today's trim options are more diverse than ever before, offering better technical protection but also more aesthetic options.

Vaspo is a sought-after specialist in exterior tiling

Our company has long and responsibly selected the most suitable materials for tiling. After careful consideration, we decided on the following basic cladding materials: Decorstone, Travertine, Rock, Stone, Slate, Brick and Sandstone and Wood. All VASPO products are made of all-colored and frost-resistant concrete, and are therefore equally suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The tiles are lightened with expanded natural clay, which also improves the thermal insulation properties. They have an unlimited lifespan. Do not hesitate to advise us on choosing the most suitable cladding material for your facade.
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